About Prospect Meadows

Prospect Meadows is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization located in Linn County Iowa.  We are dedicated to providing inclusive access to the positive experience and growth associated with the games of baseball and softball for all youth.

Prospect Meadows was built on the vision of our four bases: local league play, the League of Dreams program for under-served youth, the Miracle Field for differently-abled youth, and regional economic impact from hosting regional and national tournaments.  

In a shortened year one, Prospect Meadows was able to touch all the bases and hit a grand slam!  Here are some highlights from 2019:

• 11 League of Dreams games

• 14 Miracle League games

• 247 local league teams

• 300 local league games

• 450 travel teams

• 766 tournament games

• 5,000 hotel room nights

• 50,000 people through the gates

• $3,000,000 in direct spending

We anticipate to double the games, teams, and impact to the community in 2020!

Prospect Meadows FAQ

Is my donation to Prospect Meadows tax deductible?

Yes.  Prospect Meadows is a 501c3 non-profit and any donation to Prospect Meadows is tax deductible.


Do you accept checks?

Yes.  If you would like to mail us a check you can send it to:

Prospect Meadows

1890 County Home Rd.

Marion, IA 52302