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Enhance the Experience

Help Prospect Meadows Enhance the Experience in 2020!  To date, we've raised $1,676!

Enhance the Experience


Prospect Meadows is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization located in Linn County Iowa.  We are dedicated to providing inclusive access to the positive experience and growth associated with the games of baseball and softball for all youth.  The 'Load the Bases' campaign vision focuses on four bases: local league play, the League of Dreams program for under-served youth, the Miracle Field for differently-abled youth, and national tournament play.  The facility opened in 2019 and even with an abbreviated season, we touched all the bases and hit a grand slam!

Local Play

A total of 247 local league teams played at Prospect Meadows in 2019 and they engaged in 300 league games. We’re excited to already have scheduled 1,000 league games with approximately 400 local league teams playing in 2020!




League of Dreams

The League of Dreams program was launched in 2009 by the Cedar Rapids Kernels, is a youth baseball program targeting second- and third-graders in flood-affected and low-income areas. Prospect Meadows is working to grow this program and in 2019, 2 League of Dreams teams were formed and 25 youth participated in 11 games.

In 2020, the vision is for 20 League of Dreams games and growth of the program to over 50 participants.


Miracle Field

The Miracle Field league is supported by specialty field with a cushioned, rubberized surface to help prevent injuries, wheelchair-accessible dugouts and a completely flat, uninterrupted surface that eliminates barriers for wheelchairs for alternately-abled youth. In 2019, 4 Miracle League teams were formed and 42 youth participated in 14 Miracle League games

In 2020, the vision is to grow the league to over 6 teams and over 60 youth participants!

Regional Economic Impact

In 2019, 450 travel teams participated in tournaments at Prospect Meadows. This translates into an immense economic impact, resulting in 5,000+ hotel room nights for PM-hosted events, 50,000 in attendance at the facility and $3,000,000 in direct spending to the local economy.

The 2020 goal is to double the number of teams, hotel room nights, out of town visitors, and direct spending! 


There is a distinct need to expand infrastructure and services to meet the needs for the increased demand and traffic through the complex. This translates to raising an additional $250,000 in 2020.  Prospect Meadows raised $12 million from project inception through 2019 to construct the facility’s basic infrastructure and playing fields via local and state grants, local government contributions, and private donations.


Your donation matters!

You can help to assure that ALL youth have an opportunity to experience the game of baseball and softball in an all-inclusive, family friendly environment by contributing to the Enhance the Experience campaign!  

Please share this with your family, friends, and those in the community who can help provide opportunities to all youth.   We sincerely appreciate your support of the Enhance the Experience project!

For donations of $500, you receive a Rotary Donor wall baseball at Prospect Meadows for the life of the facility!

For those interested in permanent naming rights opportunities, please contact Jack Roeder at